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What We Do - Embroidery

What We Do - Embroidery

Long lasting, and with a look of quality, embroidery is a great way of making your company or club look the most professional it possibly can.

To embroider your design onto any garment, firstly a digitised embroidery design needs to be created of your logo. We write the codes of what type of stitches to use, the direction of stitch, the density of stitch (depending on what type of garment the design is to be embroidered onto), where to have colour changes and where to place the trims. This information is transferred to our high quality embroidery machines, which after correctly entering the data, will stitch out your design.

We can create designs with up to 16 colours and stitch them at 13,000 stitches a minute, whilst keeping your design looking the best it possibly can.

We can match colours to your logo's and if known we can even correctly match to pantone colours. We only use the best embroidery threads and backing papers to create our embroidery, insuring only the best results every time.

On confirmation of your order, we will create and stitch out your design and send it to you for your approval. At this stage if any alterations need to be done we can do this at no extra charge. Once you are happy we put your order into production, ensuring that your finished order is exactly what you wanted.

Pros - long lasting, high quality look, multiple colour designs at no extra cost, short order volume of only 10

Cons - can be expensive on large designs


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